Classroom Management Plan

   • Enter the classroom in an orderly fashion prepared for class
   • Go directly to your assigned seat and sit down
   • Read the I Can statement BEFORE class starts
   • Immediately start the Bell Ringer/Bell Work 
   • Remain in assigned seat unless given permission by your teacher
   • Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking
   • Help you teacher clean up the room before moving to your next class

   • Your teacher will dismiss the class even if the bell has rang


   • Greet students at your door
   • Confirm that they are prepared and direct them to assigned seats
   • Monitor students in the hall and classroom from your door

   • Require assigned seating 
   • Require students to raise their hands and wait to be called upon before leaving their 

   • Use classroom Bell Ringers/Bell Work activities to set the tone of each day

   • Keep track of your time so you can bring closure to your lesson and tidy up your room with the assistance of your students

   • Stand at your door and dismiss the students monitoring their departure, all students in the hall, and the arrival of your next class

   • Focus on the many positives and overcome the negatives


 1.  Be Ready
 2.  Be Respectful

 3.  Be Responsible


Should a discipline problem occur in class, we will follow this disciplinary plan:    
Offense 1:  Student Conference
Offense 2:  Student Conference with Restorative Practice Worksheet
Offense 3:  Parent Contact
Offense 4:  Lunch Intervention
Offense 5:  After School Intervention 
Offense 6:  Office Referral

* NOTE:  Please be aware that you can be sent to the office anytime should your behavior warrant it!