location markerSchool Day 7:30-2:30

When students arrive at school, bus riders will enter the front of the building and have the option to proceed to breakfast in the cafe or go to the auditorium until 7:25. Car riders will be dropped off in the lower lot outside of the large gym. They will enter the gym and wait in the bleachers. Students will be allowed to proceed to breakfast in the cafeteria. Otherwise, they will stay in the gym until they are released at 7:25 to 1st period.

Car drop off procedures- gym doors will open at 7:05am

When cars are dropping off in the morning, they will enter the lot and proceed to the right, looping towards the gym doors. Please do not stop directly in front of the doors. Please pull up as far as you can on the curb. If we all pull up, we can unload 4-5 cars at a time and keep traffic moving. If we stop in front of the door, the line backs up into the street, restricting traffic flow. Cars will then loop around to the exit. Please ONLY turn right out of the lot after exiting. There is a posted sign reminding you of this procedure. If cars wait at the exit in order to turn left, traffic backs up and cars are unable to move in the lot.

Car pickup Procedures

At the end of the day, car riders will be dismissed out of the large gym. Cars should enter the lot and park in a space. Students will be released in groups and enter their cars. Please DO NOT pull out until given the signal by the attending teacher. This is to ensure that any student walking the lot can reach their car without cars moving. This helps everyone get through the lot safely. Once the signal is given, cars who have collected their students can pull out and the next set of cars may pull in. This process will repeat until all students have been picked up. Please obey directions given by teachers directing traffic in the lot. Students must be picked up promptly at 2:30, unless staying after school for an activity.
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