DESCRIPTION: The play will be presented during the Fall semester. Students may audition for acting, singing, dancing parts, and/or technical crew.   Auditions will take place in early September. Rehearsals will then be held two to four days a week after school for one to two hours until opening night. The technical crew will be assembled after rehearsals have started. Tech crew responsibilities may include set construction, lighting, and sound and stage crew.

Season Dates: A calendar is provided after auditions and selections have been announced. 

Show Dates:  TBA

Grade: 6-7-8

Coach/Sponsor/Contact:  Ms. Dennis

Practice Schedule: TBA

Restrictions: Auditions, many rehearsals will be mandatory, minimum "C" average, and good citizenship  

Experience: None, but commitment is necessary

Expenses: Some costumes

Sign-Ups/Tryout Dates: Listen to morning announcements for call out meeting

Transportation: After school bus provided and parent pick-up